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Our Dedicated Staff


A school is made up of  buildings and facilities but it is the staff within that make the real difference. Our committed staff are dedicated towards improving learning outcomes for our students. Using our Teaching and Learning Model, our teaching staff are using a consistent approach with respect to their practice, while our support staff work hard to not only to support teachers but students and families as well.   

We know our students at Wheelers Hill Secondary College.  We take the time to offer a personalised approach to learning.  Our staff work 'over and above' what might be expected to provide opportunities and improve outcomes for our students.  We appreciate the efforts of our staff and the positive connection that they have with our students.

 NAPLAN, 2017

We recently received the 2017 NAPLAN results. This data will be carefully considered and analysed to determine where further improvements can be made with respect to student outcomes in Numeracy and Literacy.  

Some initial findings show that we are tracking well in a number of areas.  For example, we have made significant gains in reading comprehension at Year 9. Leadership and other key groups within the College will look at the data more carefully in the coming weeks.


Division Athletics

The Division Athletics Competition was held at the Knox Athletics Track last Tuesday and our students performed incredibly well. Competing against other local schools, our students were involved in a number of track and field events. The level of participation was outstanding with many students winning their events.  As a school, we finished second overall and we should be very proud of our success in this Competition. We thank staff for their attendance and leadership on the day and wish those students going through to the next round of competition all the very best.


Year 12, 2017

Completing Year 12 is incredibly demanding. If you are a Year 12 student, the year seems to travel at a faster pace than for everyone else.  Often competing demands need to be managed with study, sport, part time work, family and friends all taking up time through the year.

We encourage Year 12 students to work as hard as they can in the coming weeks leading into exams.  As with all of our students, we value the partnership we have with our Year 12 students and their families. Their studies across all of their subjects is always an important priority and we want our Year 12 students to get the very best results that they can.  Along with families and friends, the College will continue to strongly support our Year 12 students for the remainder of 2017.


Building Program

As noted in previous Newsletters, the College expects to begin its Building Program soon.

Improvements for the VCE Centre are likely to begin when the Year 12 exam period concludes in mid November, while the works linked to the Gym and Performing Arts Centre are scheduled to begin in early 2018.


Course Selections, 2018

Using a new system in 2017, we have now completed our Course Selection process with students and families for the year ahead.  All current students from Year 8 to Year 11 were expected to complete the Course Selection process.  Data from this process is still being collated and considered.  

The Course Selection process allows us to gauge what the curriculum program requirements may be for the year ahead.  Every effort is made to meet students choices with respect to their subject selections. If students and families have any queries they are encouraged to contact the General Office.


Value of the Week - Achieving Our Personal Best

We are proud of the achievements of our College Athletics team in coming second overall in the recent Division Competition.  Well done to all involved!