Term 4 News

Student Leadership, 2018


We are very proud of our Student Leadership Program.  Student Leadership is one of the key areas important to our College Community.

Once again in 2018, we have a large number of students appointed to Student Leadership Positions.  Students appointed to these important positions have the opportunity to further develop their leadership skills and assist staff, students and our community in so many different ways.

Please read on for a full list of our Student Leaders in 2018.


Year 6 into 7 Information Night, 2018 - Thursday 16th November


On Thursday 16th November, the College hosted another successful Year 6 into 7 Information Night (2018) with so many families in attendance.  It was pleasing to hear from families just how well supported they feel as they prepare their Year 6 child for secondary school at Wheelers Hill Secondary College.

We thank Elisa Pauer (Transition Leader) for her excellent leadership and organisation of the night, and the many staff who either helped out or were able to attend.  Whilst there were many highlights, it was our student helpers who really 'stole the show' - their ability to provide guidance and assistance to our families and 'new Year 7 students' was outstanding.  Well done to all involved.


Year 12 Valedictory Dinner - Tuesday 21st November


What a night!  Families, friends and staff were able to celebrate the efforts and achievements of our Year 12 students at Merrimu Receptions earlier this week (21/11/17).

The Valedictory Dinner provided a further opportunity for our students to reflect on their 13 years of schooling.  It signaled an end to their school education as they have known it, and the beginning of new adventures into the future.  We also congratulated our Year 12 students on achieving their Victorian Certificate of Education - an excellent achievement. 

We thank our Year 12 students for your participation and everything that you have been able to contribute to our great school.   We also pay tribute to all of the parents, families, friends and staff for the tremendous support of our Year 12 students, and recognise and thank Judith Riddoch (Senior Sub School Leader) for organising such a wonderful event.


Learning Specialists are highly skilled classroom teachers.  They can deliver high quality teaching and learning, and have a range of responsibilities related to their expertise, including teaching demonstration lessons, observing and providing feedback and facilitating school based professional learning.  The Learning Specialist role is aimed at building excellence in teaching and learning within the Teaching Service. 

Both Numeracy and Literacy remain priority areas for our College next year.  We have recently appointed Learning Specialists in both of these areas for 2018:

Numeracy - Helen James

Literacy - Emma Humphrey

We congratulate Helen and Emma on their appointments, and we look forward to their positive contribution and leadership in such important areas for our students.


Maths Pathways - Year 7 and 8, 2017


Maths Pathway offers a modern, result-driven, math learning and teaching model built around the Australian curriculum (Maths Pathways Website, 18/11/17).  It is a research-driven model that has been developed to support success for all students in Mathematics.   

We have now been using the Maths Pathways program for nearly 18 months, firstly with our Year 7 students in 2016, and now with our Year 7 and 8 students in 2018.  Maths Pathways allows for a more tailored and differentiated approach to teaching and learning in the area of Mathematics.  Whilst we are seeing the benefits of Maths Pathways, we will be completing a thorough review of the program in 2018.  Please read on for Helen James (recently appointed Numeracy Specialist) report into Maths Pathways.


2018 Annual Implementation Plan (AIP)


As mentioned in previous Newsletters, we have been working to develop our 2018 Annual Implementation Plan (AIP).The AIP provides a framework for improvement in key areas such as Teaching and Learning, Leadership and Community Engagement.

We have developed a Draft of our 2018 AIP with leadership and staff.  If you would like to read through our Draft 2018 AIP and contribute and/or provide feedback as part of its ongoing development then please contact me via the General Office.


Value of the Week - Promoting Honesty, Compassion, Resilience and Teamwork


Earlier this term , our WHSC - Rotary 'Interact' Club were able to organise and implement a successful 'Movie Night' as an event to raise funds for an orphanage in Indonesia.

The 'Movie Night' was a great success with funds raised.  Well done to our WHSC - Rotary 'Interact' Club, particularly to Stephanie Nestor, Issy Jones and Jasmine Sweeney, for all of their hard work in ensuring valuable funds were raised for a such a worthwhile cause.





Aaron Smith