VCE Results & Dux 2020

Our College Principal, Mr. Aaron Smith, pays tribute to the Class of 2020, and celebrates their outstanding VCE results during the most difficult school year in living memory.

We are proud of all of our Year 12 students in 2020. Transitioning between on-site and remote learning, whilst remaining motivated and committed to their studies, was a challenge for all of our students. 

Our Year 12 students were able to work through 2020 with a positive attitude using great determination and resilience; we are proud of their outstanding achievements and their ability to work through the toughest year in living memory. 

We also congratulate our Year 12 Parents and Carers, Year 12 teachers, and staff more broadly on achieving outstanding VCE results in what was a very challenging year for everyone.
Please see below for some points relating to our 2020 Year 12 Results:
  • 8.8% of students exceeded an ATAR of 90 (up from 4.3% 2019) 
  • 22% of students exceeded an ATAR of 80 (up from 8.7% 2019) 
  • Our Median Study Score was 29 (up from 27 2019) 
  • 3.9% of study scores of 40 or over (up from 2.7% 2019)

We recognise and congratulate Chau (Annie) Quach as our 2020 WHSC Dux.  Annie achieved an impressive ATAR of 96.60. Well done, Annie! We look forward to acknowledging Annie, and our other high achieving students, at our first Whole School Assembly in 2021.
We thank Ms. Judith Riddoch (2020 Senior Sub School Leader) and Ms. Voula Jakubicki (Careers Co-ordinator) for their wonderful work in supporting students and families as they received their results at the very end of last year. Both Voula and Judith would normally be on their school holiday break at this time of the year so their efforts here are very much appreciated.
We encourage all of our 2020 Year 12 students to continue to pursue your learning passions and fully consider the many different pathways available to achieve your goals. Once again, we congratulate all of our Year 12 students in 2020.
A happy new year everyone and be sure to enjoy the school holiday break,
Aaron Smith
College Principal, Wheelers Hill Secondary College

January, 2021

Mr. Aaron Smith

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