Our Purpose & Values

As a school that values respect, excellence and creativity, Wheelers Hill Secondary College strives to develop students who are capable of being global citizens. Out students leave us with ready to embrace the future, with all the skills necessary to adapt to a rapidly changing world. We encourage members of our College Community to be ‘the best that they can be’ in all of their endeavours, and these words form the basis of our school motto: Be The Best That You Can Be.

To ensure this, our school practices revolve around these three key values:

Respect – We promote respectful, inclusive and positive relationships. Our students and staff act with integrity, and value diversity.


Excellence – We provide opportunities to demonstrate excellence in all areas of learning and teaching by adopting a focused and committed approach.


Creativity – We encourage creative thinking in our approach to both learning and teaching. Our students and staff are encouraged to seek innovative solutions to problems.

To learn more about our values, and how we can best help your child be the best that they can be, visit us for a school tour.

Student Positive and Expected Behaviours

All students are expected to follow our Positive and Expected Behaviours. Our Student Positive and Expected Behaviours have been developed in three key areas:

  • Being Respectful
  • Being Responsible
  • Developing Positive Relationships

Examples of behaviours in each of these areas are provided below:


Being Respectful:

  • Treat each other with compassion and dignity
  • Pay attention to the needs of others
  • Value everyone's right to learn

Being Responsible:

  • Take ownership of your behaviour
  • Celebrate success of all
  • Protect each other's safety and take care of the environment

Developing Positive Relationships:

  • Work willingly, openly and interdependently with each other
  • Be co-operative and courteous
  • Lead by example at all times
  • Challenge yourself
  • Be inclusive of others
  • Contribute positively to classes, activities, our school and the community

A record of our Student Positive and Expected Behaviours can be found in classrooms throughout the College, and they connect well with our Vision and Values Statements.


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