WHSC Student Positive and Expected Behaviours

All students are expected to follow our Positive and Expected Behaviours. Our Student Positive and Expected Behaviours have been developed in three key areas:

  • Being Respectful
  • Being Responsible
  • Developing Positive Relationships

Examples of behaviours in each of these areas are provided below:


Being Respectful:

  • Treat each other with compassion and dignity
  • Pay attention to the needs of others
  • Value everyone's right to learn

Being Responsible:

  • Take ownership of your behaviour
  • Celebrate success of all
  • Protect each other's safety and take care of the environment

Developing Positive Relationships:

  • Work willingly, openly and interdependently with each other
  • Be co-operative and courteous
  • Lead by example at all times
  • Challenge yourself
  • Be inclusive of others
  • Contribute positively to classes, activities, our school and the community

A record of our Student Positive and Expected Behaviours can be found in classrooms throughout the College, and they connect well with our Vision and Values Statements.


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