Extension & Enrichment

Wheelers Hill Secondary College’s Extension & Enrichment (E&E) Program for English and Mathematics enhances students in their studies in Year 7 and 8, providing additional support and challenge from expert teachers in small class groups.


While the school provides extension and enrichment for learning at all levels, the Year 7 and 8 timetables are uniquely structured to reduce class sizes and increase teacher support. For half of all scheduled English and Mathematics classes, students learn E&E English and E&E Mathematics in small class groups. Students who are more advanced in their skills work together on intellectually demanding tasks at a more challenging pace. Students who are progressing at the expected level learn with others requiring a similar degree of challenge and extension. Those who are experiencing difficulty receive supportive instruction that is appropriately challenging and engaging.


In 2016, we extended enrichment opportunities for Year 9 students. Students at Year 10 and VCE will continue to be provided with high-quality teaching, expert support with their learning and the opportunity to undertake advanced studies.


Please refer to the Middle School Handbook for more information regarding the E & E program.

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