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The Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL)


The Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) is a senior secondary certificate based on vocationally-oriented applied learning principles. VCAL provides diverse pathways to Technical and Further Education (TAFE), University, apprenticeships/traineeships, or employment. Like the VCE, VCAL is an accredited secondary certificate.


At Wheelers Hill Secondary College, the VCAL Program is coordinated by Mr. Yeneo Posoulis.


At the Intermediate (Year 11) level, knowledge and employability skills development leads to independent learning, confidence, and a high level of transferrable skills. VCAL provides an accredited program of studies in the following five compulsory strands: Literacy; Numeracy; Work Related Skills; Personal Development Skills; Industry Specific Skills (VET).


VCAL is delivered under the authority of the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) determines the policies and procedures outlined in the ‘VCE and VCAL Administrative handbook 2020’. Learning Outcomes and Quality Assurance principles for VCAL must be followed; it is very important that VCAL candidates understand and follow these, as they cannot be modified. Full details are on the VCAA Website.

Careers & Pathways


The College values the importance of providing Careers & Pathways support to our students. Our Careers Co-ordinator, Ms. Voula Jackubicki, is able to provide excellent guidance to our students in this area. 


The College has a dedicated website for Pathways & Careers. Please visit


This dedicated site is an excellent resource for both students and families for everything concerning Pathways & Careers.


Individual counselling, career advice and support is available to all students throughout the College and becomes an integral part of study and subject selection processes from year 9.


The Careers Room (in VCE Centre) has large range of resources available for students to use.


Computer Programs

  • VTAC Web site
  • VTAC Career Easy
  • Job Guide


Handbooks & Brochures – for most Victorian Tertiary Institutions and a few interstate Universities (Interstate University Booklets are available on overnight load from the Library)


Directories & Guides

  • Victorian Tertiary Entrance Requirements (VICTER)
  • Directory of Higher Education
  • VTAC Guide

Other Resources - Books & Videos on a variety of Careers & work issues

  • Job hunting skills & job information (inc. Parents Guide)
  • Job Files on specific careers
  • Victorian Careers Newspaper

All students throughout the College complete Career Action Plans and these are used to assist students with developing their Pathway.



VTAC Application Process

The VICTORIAN TERTIARY ADMISSION CENTRE (VTAC) handles tertiary applications and produces information for Year 12 students. The VTAC information can be obtained in print form or from their web site

  • The Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR)
  • All Year 12 students will need to purchase a VTAC Guide
  • The VTAC Guide is available from local newsagents
  • Applications can be made on the Internet or the Infoline.

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