Performing Arts


Music is a core subject at the school in Year 7 and 8, then offered as an elective in Year 9 and 10 with pathways into VCE. Students are exposed to the theory and practical side of this challenging subject, where they are encouraged to work collaboratively, practice technique and enhance their musicality skills.



Music is available at Wheelers Hill SC as both a classroom subject and an extra-curricular activity, for those passionate and keen to further enhance their abilities. We currently offer private lessons in instruments such as guitar, piano, percussion, strings and vocals, and are presently seeking to expand both the instruments we offer and the range of sound in our bands. The school has a variety of bands and ensembles that students can partake in, with both vocal groups and instrumental groups offered. Our school band performs at various events, such as the College Production, and students are given ample opportunity to display the skills and knowledge they have acquired through both classroom and extra-curricular activities, at various showcase and performance nights open to parents and the public throughout the year.



Dance is offered as an elective at the school in Year 9 and 10, with pathways into VCE. Students will work on a range of styles, both in ensemble and solo development. Students will be given the opportunity to see and participate in professional workshops, attend live dance shows and present work to the wider community.



We offer a number of performance based subjects within all year levels, with the most popular being Drama and Theatre Studies. In Year 7 and 8, Drama is a compulsory part of the curriculum, with a focus on boosting confidence and creativity at the commencement of the student’s secondary schooling. Drama is offered in Year 9 and 10 as an elective, with pathways into VCE. Students will be exposed to a range of different theatre styles and texts, which are highly supportive of the English and Literature curriculum.



Twice a year students who are involved in the many Performing Arts programs at the College are given an opportunity to showcase their talents to the wider community. Promoting confidence, creativity and celebrating the hard work throughout the year, the Showcases are a wonderful event, open to the public.


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