Excursions & Camps

A wide range of external activities are organised for students to enrich and complement their learning experiences. They include excursions, year level activities, camps and overseas trips. Details of these events can be found on the Compass system we use at the College. Examples of these types of activities are provided below:

Year 7

Orientation Camp is held early Term 1 each year. Our current camp is held in Kinglake.


Year 8

At Year 8 students participate in the Personal Best program. Each term students undertake a different challenge. Some examples include:

Term 1: Physical Challenge- students visit Phillip Island for surfing lessons and the opportunity to learn the sport of surfing.

Term 2: Philanthropic Challenge- students undertake a range of activities to raise funds for disadvantaged children overseas.

Term 3: Social and Cultural Challenge- students undertake activities such as eating out and attending cultural events.

Term 4: Environmental Challenge- students study environments in Science and visit the Werribee Zoo.


Year 9

Year 9 students undertake a subject called Community Connections which allows them to explore many connections with local community, build their knowledge around the breadth of careers and the opportunities available in our urban environment. The Program allows for students to assist a range of different community groups. Students also visit tertiary institutions and key sights in the City of Melbourne as part of their learning in the Program.


Year 10 & 11

Students have a number of subject based excursions including Careers Exhibitions.
There is a Year 10 Transition Camp at the beginning of the year to assist students to make the transition from Year 9 study into the Senior School.
Tours to Central Australia have also been offered at these Year Levels.


Year 12

First week back all students attend a Study Skills Seminar. Challenging activities, sport, relaxation, study skills and career exploration are some of the activities undertaken.


G’Day USA - Years 9 - 12

Every 2nd year during the Christmas Holidays, a group of about 12 students visit America. Students stay with American families and attend school for a few days and also visit Disneyland.


World Challenge - Years 9 - 12

Every two years students from the College participate in a World Challenge expedition. Each expedition gives students a unique understanding of challenges, participation and the environment - taking students out of their comfort zone, learning to cope with new environments and work as a team, being responsible and becoming confident decision makers. It’s also a great way to experience the culture of another country, and get a broader perspective of life outside Australia. Each expedition also provides students with the chance to help out with local community projects.

Past expeditions have included Vietnam, Borneo, Cambodia and Thailand.


International Language Tours

In recent years the College has begun cultural tours to France, New Caledonia and Malaysia to immerse our students in their language study and build their cultural awareness.


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