Extra Curricular Activities

Excursions & Camps

A wide range of external activities are organised for students to enrich and complement their learning experiences. They include excursions, year level activities, camps and overseas trips. Details of these events can be found on the Compass system we use at the College. Examples of these types of activities are provided below:


Orientation Camp is held early Term 1 each year. Our current camp is held in Alexandra.



At Year 8 students participate in the Personal Best program. Each term students undertake a different challenge. Some examples include Surfing, Skiing, Cultural, Environmental and Community Challenges that are undertaken through the year.



Year 9 students undertake a subject called Community Connections which allows them to explore many connections with local community, build their knowledge around the breadth of careers and the opportunities available in our urban environment. The Program allows for students to assist a range of different community groups. Students also visit tertiary institutions and key sights in the City of Melbourne as part of their learning in the Program.


YEAR 10 & 11

Students have a number of subject based excursions including Careers Exhibitions.
There is a Year 10 Transition Camp at the beginning of the year to assist students to make the transition from Year 9 study into the Senior School.
Tours to Central Australia have also been offered at these Year Levels.



First week back all students attend a Study Skills Camp. Challenging activities, sport, relaxation, study skills and career exploration are some of the activities undertaken.

NASA Space Tour:

Students have the opportunity (typically our more senior students) to undertake a tour of the NASA Space Centre in the USA at the end of the year.  The trip also takes in other sites of the USA to allow students to learn and experience more about the county.



Every two years students from the College participate in a World Challenge expedition. Each expedition gives students a unique understanding of challenges, participation and the environment - taking students out of their comfort zone, learning to cope with new environments and work as a team, being responsible and becoming confident decision makers. It’s also a great way to experience the culture of another country, and get a broader perspective of life outside Australia. Each expedition also provides students with the chance to help out with local community projects.

Past expeditions have included Vietnam, Borneo, Cambodia and Thailand.



In recent years the College has begun cultural tours to France, New Caledonia and Malaysia to immerse our students in their language study and build their cultural awareness.

Student Voice

The College has an active Student Voice that:

  • Organises school events
  • Raises funds for charities and social service organisations
  • Provides an avenue to develop leadership skills
  • Participates in the College Decision Making processes


The Student Voice is made up of students across year levels 7-12. It is divided up into 3 different sub-committees that students choose to be a part of. Each sub-committee is run by a Senior student leader who facilitates all meetings and events being held by their groups.


Members of the Student Voice are often involved with community groups and organisations such as Nadrasca and Rotary.


The sub-committees are:


Student Activities

Provides fun activities for students to participate in at lunchtimes, usually at no cost eg. Sport round robins and fun competitions.



Primarily raises money for school activities as well as charities and organisations by running events such as out of uniform days and bake sales.



Focusses on environmental issues around school as well as local communities eg. Tree planting, rubbish clean up and raising money for charities to purchase necessary items for those communities that need them.

Sports Program

At Wheelers Hill Secondary College we provide and support a broad range of sporting opportunities and the participation rates amongst students are very high. Sports Coordinators, Student Leaders and Staff Coaches organise and oversee sporting teams throughout the year.



The whole school is included in annual Athletics and Swimming Carnivals and many students are also involved in an annual Cross-Country event. Details of these activities can be found on the Compass system we use at the College.


All College teams compete under the School Sport Victoria organisation within the Monash Division of Eastern Metropolitan Region. Students participate in a range of sporting teams and competitions each term. Some of these sports include:


Term 1 – Tennis, baseball, softball, cricket, volleyball.
Term 2 – Netball, soccer, AFL, badminton.
Term 3 – Basketball, hockey, table tennis.


Many students are active participants in these teams and we enjoy considerable success. In addition, students are supported and encouraged to pursue excellence within their individual sports such as State Team selection and representation.

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