At Wheelers Hill Secondary College we provide and support a broad range of sporting opportunities and the participation rates amongst students are very high. Sports Coordinators, Student Leaders and Staff Coaches organise and oversee sporting teams throughout the year.


The whole school is included in annual Athletics and Swimming Carnivals and many students are also involved in an annual Cross-Country event. Details of these activities can be found on the Compass system we use at the College.


All College teams compete under the School Sport Victoria organisation within the Monash Division of Eastern Metropolitan Region. Students participate in a range of sporting teams and competitions each term. Some of these sports include:


Term 1 – tennis, baseball, softball, cricket, volleyball
Term 2 – netball, soccer, AFL, badminton
Term 3 – basketball, hockey, table tennis


Many students are active participants in these teams and we enjoy considerable success. In addition, students are supported and encouraged to pursue excellence within their individual sports such as State Team selection and representation.


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