Student Voice

The College has an active Student Voice that:

  • Organises school events
  • Raises funds for charities and social service organisations
  • Provides an avenue to develop leadership skills
  • Participates in the College Decision Making processes


The Student Voice is made up of students across year levels 7-12. It is divided up into 3 different sub-committees that students choose to be a part of. Each sub-committee is run by a Senior student leader who facilitates all meetings and events being held by their groups.


Members of the Student Voice are often involved with community groups and organisations such as Nadrasca and Rotary.


The sub-committees are:


Student Activities

Provides fun activities for students to participate in at lunchtimes, usually at no cost eg. Sport round robins and fun competitions.



Primarily raises money for school activities as well as charities and organisations by running events such as out of uniform days and bake sales.



Focusses on environmental issues around school as well as local communities eg. Tree planting, rubbish clean up and raising money for charities to purchase necessary items for those communities that need them.


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