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Welcome to the WHSC International Program


For over 20 years, Wheelers Hill Secondary College has been an accredited and successful provider of a quality International Student Program, educating students from all across the world.

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Wheelers Hill Secondary College is a Year 7-12 co-educational College, which seeks to empower students to achieve success in a caring environment. Located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, close to public transport hubs, major shopping centres, Monash University and Holmesglen TAFE and within easy proximity to the city centre, the College offers a broad, engaging curriculum as well as a range of activities outside the classroom. Some of these include an extensive camp program including the English, Maths and Science competitions; Inter/Intra School Sport; Instrumental Music; IT across the curriculum; a Performing Arts Program; VCE Formals and VCE Valedictory Evening; Study Skills Seminars; Student Leadership Programs and a range of clubs and initiative to support student learning and wellbeing. 


As well as the above the College offers:

  •  State of the Art science, Arts, Food, and IT Facilities

  •  A Student Resource Centre including a Library and specialist ICT. 

  •  A stand-alone VCE centre including study areas, a kitchenette, and 21st-century learning spaces. 

  •  Email facilities available in Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese

International students adapt not only to the new educational environments of an Australian educational setting but also acclimatise themselves to a different way of life in Australia and to living in home stay accommodation. Not living in their own families brings different challenges as they no longer have their parents to share their day with. Older students may be required to do some of their own cooking, cleaning and shopping as well as keeping up to date with their schoolwork. All this, and they must acquire a second language at the same time! We provide a very supportive environment and team to assist with these challenges.



We offer you:

  •  Airport pick up by a staff member from our College who will take you to Homestay and assist you in settling in.

  •  An International Student Coordinator who maintains regular contact between students, Homestay providers and parents.

  •  Experienced Homestay providers who provide individual, safe and secure accommodation for students.

  •  Assistance from multilingual aides and EAL teachers in the classrooms

  •  A friendly, safe, and welcoming environment that encourages academic excellence

  •  Thorough preparation for tertiary study and a range of career options

  •  Personal attention from staff who are working to ensure that your educational experience is rewarding

  •  A caring educational environment to make sure that your visit is a happy one

  •  Links to additional academic support, if necessary


Student Wellbeing


We understand that students need to feel supported if they are to achieve their potential. This is especially important for international students living a long distance from home. The wellbeing of our students is an important focus of our educational approach. We offer support through the expertise of student wellbeing leaders, psychologists, social workers and mentors. Our teaching and support staff are always caring in their approach, and our multicultural aides and bilingual teachers are on hand to help international students quickly adapt and succeed in their new environment.



Further support is provided:

  • The International Student Coordinator is able to assist with all in-school and out of school needs.

  •  International students’ families are encouraged to contact the Coordinator with any concerns.

  •  Students are assisted with placement in home-stay accommodation with nearby families. These homes are regularly monitored to ensure that students are well cared for. 

  •  Students are met at the airport by the coordinator, taken to their home-stay accommodation and to their English Language School for Enrolment.

  •  Regular contact is maintained with students’ families and home-stay providers.

  •  Course selection, counselling and advice is provided for all year levels.

  •  Semester reports are translated and sent to each family

  •  Each student’s progress is carefully monitored from the time they enter English Language Schools.

  •  Multicultural Aides assist students in the classroom and help student's with homework.



If you would like to Enrol at Wheelers Hill Secondary Collage, you should contact the Australian Embassy in your country. The Embassy deals with all initial enquiries for Enrolment at Australia Govenment Schools and they will provide you with the necessary forms. Applications and Training,Victoria, Australia.


Students wishing to attend Wheelers Hill Secondary College should nominate us as their prefered Secondary College. When this Enrolment is submitted, Students will recieve confimation from the International Student Unit.


Student Obligations

International students must comply with DET and visa regulations. For details of the Conditions and Policies please these Student Obligations.




Student Leadership

The College provides our students with many chances to be involved in leadership activities. Our international students are encouraged to participate and currently participate as:

  • College Leaders

  • Sporting Leaders

  • Student Representative Leaders

  • Community Leaders

  • Performing and Visual Arts Leaders



Careers Advice

Students will be supported with careers advice across all levels. They are also assisted with their subject selections and applications for tertiary study.




Uniform is compulsory. New students will be assisted with the purchase of uniform on arrival. Black leather shoes must be worn with our uniform and these may be purchased prior to arrival. Students Can Order School Uniforms

First Language Study Students can study their first language at one of the Victorian School of Language centers located near our school.




We are serviced by an extensive and reliable train and bus network, making it easy for students and the wider community to attend events, activities and attractions both locally and in the greater City of Melbourne.




When students arrive in Australia, our staff will meet them at the airport and take them directly to their homestay family. We ensure students have access to Homestay accommodation that is safe, comfortable, and within close proximity to the school and community facilities.


We closely screen all host families. Our International Student Program Coordinator personally organises and monitors each of our student placements to ensure the highest levels of care are continually given to our international students.


Working with our host families, we ensure that our communications concerning our international students are timely and ongoing with their overseas parents. Furthermore, all our overseas parents have access to our online management system, COMPASS, which provides regular updates on student progress. Attendance and academic reports can be accessed from this system together with information relating to various school activities and programs.


"We have been Homestay parents for many years to quite a few international students. We get so much out of being a Homestay family because it broadens our understanding of different cultures. We love to see students grow as they gain confidence in doing things that we Australians take for granted. In some cases, we have interacted with the students' parents, and this has always been a positive experience." (Homestay Parents - Geoff and Tenney Taylor)


For more information regarding our International Student program please contact Ms Xing, the Wheelers Hill International Students' Coordinator or our College Principal, Aaron Smith on +613 9561 5811 or the International Student Program Unit at the Department of Education & Training ( or visit:




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