RISE@WHSC: Years 7-9 Enrichment Program


From 2023, RISE@WHSC replaces our current ACE Program at Years 7 and 8 for High Ability Learners and will extend to Year 9 in all core subjects. Students are highly encouraged to maintain a language and instrumental music in Year 9. Participants will have the opportunity for an Advanced Placement in Year 10, which means selecting a VCE 1&2 Sequence. We believe at Year 10 students must have the opportunity to select subjects base on individual pathways and interest.


We know that in our highly complex and evolving world that if our students are going to excel in life then the fundamental 21st Century skills of: Communication, Collaboration, Creative Problem Solving and Critical Thinking must be nurtured in a context where students can thrive. RISE@WHSC has been designed around four key components:

  • Resilience
  • Inquiry
  • Student Agency, Voice and Leadership
  • Empowerment

We know that learning and wellbeing are inexorably linked and that the mindset with which students approach to learning is fundamental to success.


Resilience is about working with our highly able students to ensure that they have the mental health to embrace challenges and understand that sometimes failure is a vital part of the learning process.


Inquiry learning is about students utilising those 21st century skills to pursue Passion Projects and real life learning that promote global and local citizenship, the Victorian Curriculum General Capabilities and STEM. Working closely with the Monash Tech School we would like our students to be stakeholders in the annual Monash Tech School Maker Faire, supported by Monash University, showcasing innovation and design across the Monash precinct and beyond.


Student Agency, Voice and Leadership are essential components of the Department of Education’s Framework for Improving Student Outcomes 2.0. Students are supported to take ownership of their learning spaces in a collaborative and respectful way which recognises the unique value and contribution of all class stakeholders. It is about constructing both a physical, psychological and intellectual environment where students again can thrive and excel.


Empowerment in the learning space is about changing the learning dynamic between teachers and students so that students have the opportunity to co-design learning tasks and assessment rubrics, self and peer assess learning, develop personalised goals and individual learning plans. Student reflections on their learning will be downloaded as part of the semester reporting cycle.


We hope as parents and caregivers you will join with us in this new chapter of high ability learning at Wheelers Hill Secondary College. We value your collaboration and support as we work together to provide our young people with educational opportunities and programs that are student-centred, future-focused and enriching!


For any inquiries about RISE@WHSC, please contact the General Office or visit our website.


Fern Brisbane | Principal WHSC