WHSC Laptop Program

Laptop Program


All students at WHSC (Years 7 to 12 inclusive) will be required to own a laptop to enhance their participation in the College’s educational program. The College will continue to connect families with an educational provider, Learning with Technologies (LWT), who provide laptops, complete with the Department of Education and Training (DET) standard configuration including Windows 10, accidental damage insurance, warranty, and payment options.


Review and Order of Laptops

Whilst the College has been content with how the Laptop Program has supported learning, we have conducted a thorough review of the existing laptops being used by students. After some extensive research through the review process, the College has decided to continue to use Lenovo laptops.


Families will have a choice of two suitable options to choose from. We will continue to work with the educational provider, Learning with Technologies, as our supplier of the Lenovo laptops to students and families. Families who purchase a new laptop (Lenovo) will have access to support from the College as per the conditions stipulated in the Warranty and Purchase Agreements as appropriate.


The LWT portal can be accessed at:



For parents who order laptops for new students, orders can be processed in advance and the warranty (and insurance cover) will not start until the machines have been delivered to the school. The machines will be prepared by the I.T. Department with the school’s configuration and preloaded with approved software applications such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, Papercut printing software and more.