A Message from the Principal

 Welcome to Wheelers Hill Secondary College. We have a fine tradition of academicexcellence,
 a breadth of programs and opportunities, outstanding facilities and a vibrant community of
 parents, students and teachers who are committed to the best possible outcomes for all.


 Our motto,'Be The Best That You Can Be', encourages members of our College Community to
 achieve   their full potential in all of their endeavours.  At Wheelers Hill Secondary College,
 we provide opportunities   to our students to be the best that they can be.


 Our Vision

“As a school that values respect, excellence and creativity, Wheelers Hill Secondary College strives to develop students capable of being global citizens ready to embrace the future.  We encourage members of our College Community to be ‘the best that they can be’ in all of their endeavours”.


Our Values

Respect – we promote respectful, inclusive and positive relationships.  Our students and staff act with integrity and value diversity.


Excellence – we provide opportunities to demonstrate excellence in all areas of learning and teaching by adopting a focused and committed approach.


Creativity – we have developed a creative approach to learning and teaching.  Our student and staff are encouraged to seek innovative solutions to problems.

We pride ourselves on providing leaning opportunities to our students in the following areas:

  • Academic Excellence across all learning domains
  • Sport
  • Performing Arts
  • Student Leadership and our Community


Wheelers Hill Secondary College is built on positive relationships. We provide an educational experience that is accessible, meaningful and relevant.


Our Annual Implementation Plan (AIP) for 2019 sets out a path for continuous improvement in many areas such as Student Empowerment and Numeracy, Literacy and in all Learning Areas.  We have a range of strategies to improve our student outcomes and we have much to celebrate in terms of student achievement.


In 2016, we were thrilled to offer our exciting Performing Arts Program. The Performing Arts are an important part of our College and we are proud to continue to extend opportunities to our students in this area throughout 2019.


We have some significant partnerships with key groups such as those involved with the Monash Technical Schools Initiative (developing 21st Century capabilities), Rotary, the Lions Club and Nadrasca.


Our Dux for 2018, Damon Newell, is to be congratulated for his outstanding achievement. We are proud of Damon and all of our students at the College.


The efforts of our hard working staff and the programs we have implemented have a positive impact on student learning. Our teachers and support staff have the talent, experiences and skills to get the best out of students. Our staff committed to the success of our students and their own professional growth.


We are focussed on maximising our student outcomes. We have high expectations for student attendance and effort. We seek the support of all families to provide maximum encouragement and support for their students. We get strong student results in all areas including the VCE.


We offer core and extra-curricula programs at all levels, directed towards academic success, student wellbeing and positive pathways. From sports, music, debating and SRC to camps, international tours and challenge programs, we provide opportunities for a huge range of student interests and learning styles.  Our International Student Program (or ISP) continues to grow from year to year.


Our innovative Extension and Enrichment program has a particular focus on extending Literacy and Numeracy competencies to enhance outcomes in all studies and has proven to be very successful.  STEM (or Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) is becoming more and more a feature within the College.


We have a strong Student Leadership Program including 'Student Agency'. We encourage and support our students to develop their confidence and build their skills by responding positively to the many challenges they experience and by contributing to the development of our school and the broader community.  Our Year 9 Community Connections Program is a good example of how students can connect with their community.


Our parent community is very supportive of the College through Council, uniform sales and in a range of informal and volunteer situations. We have facilities that have undertaken major developments, including our refurbished Gymnasium and Performing Arts Complex, together with our VCE Centre.  All of our facilities are well presented supporting teaching and learning in all areas.


Wheelers Hill Secondary College is built on positive relationships allowing for our students to achieve their personal best. We provide an educational experience that is accessible, meaningful and relevant.


I am confident that we offer outstanding educational opportunities. I encourage you to visit our College, seek further information if required or tour the school. I am certain you will be impressed by what we have to offer at our school


Aaron Smith
College Principal


@ 2019 Wheelers Hill Secondary College